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Vocab Poster Requirements
  • Vocabulary Term
  • Phonetic Spelling
  • Definition & Creative Sentence
  • Picture & Student Names


Meaningful Sentences for Social Studies ought to be in the following format:

excavationThe excavation of King Tut's tomb was a major event for television; there were people from all over the world filming the digging up of the treasures.


Review Questions

When answering "Review Questions" such as those found on page 75 (Chapter 3, Lesson 3, "Examining Archaeology"), be sure to restate (say again) the question in the form of a statement. For example, question 1:

What can archaeologists learn from an archaeological dig?

Your answers should begin something like this: Archaeologists can learn many things from an archaeological dig. One thing they can learn is______. Another thing they can learn is_______ etc.

describe in detail ...three or four sentence responses to each question. Turn each question into a statement and answer thoughtfully.