If measure R comes to pass, will it be possible for the public to actually invest in the bonds?

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Anyone who is interested in buying the District’s bonds should provide their name and contact information to Mr. Steve Corl, Cambrian's Chief Financial Officer, at corls@cambriansd.com. Your contact information will be provided to the winning underwriter of the bonds as an interested investor, and the winning underwriter will contact the potential investor.
Anyone expressing interest should know that we expect a high demand for the bonds.  We will be aiming to achieve the lowest possible cost for the District and taxpayers, which means the lowest possible return for investors, so investors may do better buying another districts’ bonds where the effort isn’t as good.  The market allows us to sell the bonds in a minimum of $5,000 increments. If the resident is already a bond investor and familiar with municipal bonds and deems these bonds a good investment for themselves, then they can either buy through from the winning underwriter or their own broker, as described.