February - Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big

This month we read the book “ Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big” by Chris Paul. There are two main themes in this book: following a dream and receiving support from family to achieve a goal.

Long Shot is a story written by and about the NBA basketball star Chris Paul as a child. Chris was very short, much shorter than all of the other boys at school. He had a goal to make the boy's basketball team but was very nervous, especially because of his height. After lots of practice, hard work, determination and the support of his family Chris is able to make his dream come true.

 Volunteers spoke with students about:

  • Goals (short-term and long-term), dreams and sparks
  • Goal champions (people who support you and help you to achieve your goal)
  • How to develop a plan (à bite-size steps to achieve your goal)
  • Positive self-talk, Self-confidence
  • Hard work (Practice, practice, practice!)
  • Setbacks