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Steindorf Students Raise $ for Ukraine

So proud of Steindorf's leadership students!
Steindorf STEAM School’s leadership students hosted a Paper Cranes for Ukraine Fundraiser to help Ukrainian refugees and all those affected by the war, raising $2,000.
Inspired by the story of Sadako and a Thousand Cranes, Steindorf students folded 1,000 cranes to wish and pray for world peace. Leadership students (6th - 8th grade) scheduled time to visit each classroom to teach the students how to fold cranes or hearts (K-2nd). Then, they meticulously threaded each crane to make 100 strings of 10 to sell for $20 each at the school’s Maker Faire on May 4th. The students achieved their goal of raising $2,000.
“What an incredible learning journey for them to experience firsthand what it feels like to truly make a difference in this world!” said Chau Chieng, Steindorf’s eighth grade leadership teacher.
“I hope everything that they’re learning transcends beyond the walls of the classroom and into their everyday experiences and continues to be good, kind, compassionate human beings.”
The money will be sent directly to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for humanitarian efforts and needs, Chieng said.
"It is important to inspire others to stand up for those in need,” said seventh grader Ari Freeman, who participated in the fundraiser. “It felt important to me that we will support those in danger because of the crisis and I feel a great sense of accomplishment to see how the entire school participated in this important cause.