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First Place!

Cambrian is SO proud! The Ida Price Percussion (IPP) ensemble competed in three different circuits this year (WGI, CCGC & NCPA) and went undefeated at all of their competitions.
Ida Price is the only middle school in the South Bay with a percussion ensemble and competes with high school ensembles in their class.
Ida Price Color Guard (CG) took on the challenges of the new year by starting in the summer. With only 3 returning members, the new group met and exceeded expectations.
Both the IPP and CG programs continued their high level of performance excellence and stellar representation of both Ida Price Middle School and the Cambrian School District. The staff and parents are so proud of the way our Price students were able to step confidently into their new rolls as performers and bring success to the Cambrian School District.
Way to go!