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What a Reader!

Congratulations to Farnham Elementary School fifth-grader Roi Weiss, the overall winner of the Cambrian Educational Foundation (CEF) Read-a-thon. “I am so proud of the effort that Roi put into reading and tracking all of the pages for the Cambrian Readathon,” said Farnham Principal Amy O’Hehir. “What an accomplishment to read 11,580 minutes of reading! Farnham is proud to have Roi be our district winner.”


The CEF raised about $30,000 through this fundraiser event, with proceeds to be used for mental health services within the district. Three hundred and sixteen CSD students participated, accruing a total of 426,595 minutes (which is 7,110 hours; or 296 and ⅓ days, or 42 weeks & 2 days). Thanks to CEF for this amazing event and Roi Weiss for his extraordinary effort!