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CEF Read-a-thon Begins

The 2nd Annual Cambrian Educational Foundation (CEF) Readathon for Mental Health Resources is starting on January 14th! 
Please register to log your child's reading minutes ahead of time:  
1) Go to
2) Click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event”
3) Enter your name and email address, then click “Submit”
4) Follow the instructions on-screen to register Reader(s) and add family and friends
NOTE: The focus of the readathon is to get kids reading and logging minutes and not fundraising, so all prizes will be based on reading minutes log and not money earned.

The Funds raised last year went to the following programs: 1) Kelvin (Mental Health Digital Checks with students) 
2) Care Solace (Mental Health agency connecting all community members with outside mental health providers) and 3) Zones of Regulation Curriculum for all 4 Elementary Schools and Steindorf.