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Righteous and Totally Tubular Skateboard Information Reading......By Melissa Schilling at Fammatre Elementary School
My students are seeking connection with subjects that really interest them. I decided to plan a 10-week unit around physical fitness, information reading and pop culture: Tony Hawk is the perfect hero for us to study.
Tony Hawk is widely considered to be one of the most successful and influential pioneers of modern vertical skateboarding. He has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, including his own Tony Hawk Foundation that helps to build skateparks in underprivileged areas.
My Skateboard Book Club book commercial presentations took place this morning. The students did an outstanding job synthesizing and summarizing what they learned and then created and presented engaging cereals and commercials based upon the books they read about Tony Hawk. I obtained skateboards via Donor's Choose as rewards for the top scores. Great job, kids!
schilling class