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November Honorees Represent the Best in CSD

Meet our honoree cohort for the month of November! These stellar students and volunteers are shining examples of what makes our district such an incredible place!

Students of the Month:
-- Greta Paskett, Grade 5; Bagby
-- Carlese Takaki, Grade 5; Fammatre...
-- Tyson Leach, Grade 2; Farnham
-- Jung Won Lee, Grade 4; Sartorette
-- Rachel Gipstein (8th) & Hannah Oglesbee (8th); Price
-- Owen Greenfield, Grade 1; Steindorf

Good Apples:

-- Manuela Rinaldi & Jan Bahou – Recognized by Farnham for their service as Coordinators for the Track Pack student mileage club.
-- Jolene Voss -- Recognized by Fammatre for her service as the volunteer teacher of their Makerspace.