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Cambrian Celebrates 2017-18's First Students of the Month

Oct SOMs

At last night's board meeting we had the joyful occasion to honor our first cohort of Students of the Month for the 2017-18 School year:
Matthew Knudsen, Grade 8, Price
Ariam Yohannes, Grade 8, Steindorf
Rayleen Franceschini, Grade 6, Price
Ishika Modi, Grade 4, Fammatre...
Stavroula Argiris, Grade 4, Bagby
Khloe Uyeda, Grade 3, Sartorette
Reira Sakai, Grade 2, Farnham

Oct Good Apples

We also celebrated the amazing parent team from Farnham who led the charge for the transformation of their courtyard into a new outdoor learning space: Dawne Edwards, Ton Lien, Ron Niles, Tim Wadholm and Shelly Walker!