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School Year Ends On A High Note With Extra Large Recognition Ceremony

Last night marked our final recognition ceremony for the 17-18 school year, and it was a doozie! We were delighted to honor 26 wonderful people who have gone above and beyond to make our schools amazing places to learn, along with some truly stellar Students of the Month!

Our Honorees:

Good Apples:

  • Julie Reynolds – Recognized by Sartorette 
  • Tracie Stamp – Recognized by Bagby 
  • Janissa Dayrit and Fio Schibetta – Recognized by Bagby 
  • Dave Sneed – Cambrian’s longtime Computer Technician who will be retiring at the end of the school year after nearly three decades of services to students and staff.
  • Our wonderful Home & School Club Presidents: Jennifer Malutta & Jill Brigham, Bagby; Erika Foss, Fammatre; Tim Wadholm, Farnham; Rachel Maze & Chad Ward, Sartorette; Michelle Lister & Jill Roman, Steindorf; Rachel Roseberg & Gil Garcia, Price.
  • Early Steindorf "Angels" -- Jocelyn Martinez & John Tischler of SFA Architects, Russ Volk, Orlando Delgadillo, Lauire Abate, and Colleen Altendorf of Kramer Project Development Consultants; Landscape Architect Erik Plato; Cambrian Park Little League; Cambrian SD Purchasing Account Clerk Lydia Shrader; Steindorf School Secretary Rachele Feller and Steindorf Principal Kristi Schwiebert.


Students of the Month:

  • Sean Murphy, Grade 5; Bagby
  • Lola Parral, Grade 3; Fammatre
  • Adison Hizer, Grade 3; Farnham
  • Lily Huynh, Grade 1; Sartorette
  • Megan Gammill (6th) & Zachary Reynolds (8th); Price
  • Jane Kim, Grade 5; Steindorf