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Crossing Guards Honored at March Recognition Ceremony

We were thrilled to have some very special guests at last night's board meeting! We honored longtime volunteers Sheila Irish and Amy Tchoi with Good Apples, as well as a fantastic Student of the Month cohort: 
David Keane, Grade 4; Bagby
Hannah Peters, Grade 3; Fammatre
Corbin Auduaong, Kindergarten, Farnham
Adam Wong, Grade 5; Sartorette
Andrew Gatiss (7th) & Maya Wolter (8th); Price
Lilia Chatfield, Grade 4; Steindorf
In addition, we were delighted to honor 20 city crossing guards who work tirelessly to keep our students safe on their journey to and from school each day -- so many that we couldn't even fit them all in one photo!
Cindy Awe
Ann Sager
Richard Proud
Lilly Peng
Hung Tran
Lucy Johansen
Judy Pike
Shar Decker
Rose Rodriguez
Cathy Brown
Lillie Carr
Olivia Vicente
Charlotte Stinson
Corrine Epsky
Tini Manleleua
Mary Fitzgerald
Choicy Stewart
Pat Gibbs
Sue Matuzek
Savino Robles
We are truly fortunate to have so many wonderful members of our community supporting Cambrian students -- and our rock star students of the month are proof positive that their efforts are having a big impact!