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Superintendent Andrews' November Message to Cambrian Families

Dear Cambrian Families,

Every day in Cambrian we are dedicated and united for all students.  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, it is important to me to take a moment to reflect and recognize students, staff, families and our community for the work we do together.

Cambrian Schools are committed to supporting all students and embracing the marvelous diversity of our student body, as well as that of our talented staff and the neighborhoods in which we work and learn alongside one another. I feel privileged to lead schools in which students speak an array of different languages, hold different beliefs, and can trace their family trees back to every corner of the world. It is a joy to see them learn and grow together, to reach across lines of difference and form friendships that will shape them as they venture into adulthood. Everyone at Cambrian School District comes to work every day to ensure that each of these students is safe, valued and supported so that they can thrive both in and out of the classroom. We take seriously our role as support network, safe harbor and sounding board for students and families, throughout times of change and stability alike.

Next week, I will be giving thanks for the many people in my life and am sincerely thankful for the opportunity to serve a community I couldn't be more proud of and students who continue to inspire me with their drive, compassion and honesty. Together, we are preparing each student to lead now and in the future, and I am confident that we are in good hands.

Kind regards,

Carrie Andrews, Ph.D.

Superintendent, Cambrian School District