Bagby Multi Purpose Room, Flexible Learning Areas, Steindorf and Other Growth Projects

  • All five schools are currently operating at full capacity and are utilizing all their available teaching stations. As a result, the schools have little to no capacity for flexibility and are unable to absorb excess enrollment without overextending their existing classrooms.
    Future enrollment projections for the Cambrian School District show steady growth in the K-8 student population, even with a projected decline in the number of charter students accepted. This means that District schools will be facing overcrowding in their classrooms if nothing is done to alleviate the situation.

    Report from Demographic Study: 2016 
    Report from Demographic Study: 2012 

    Given projected enrollments, it has been determined that 24 additional classrooms will be needed to keep class sizes at 23 students in grades K - 3 and 29 in grades 4 - 8.
    Growth projects include: 
              1) Adding classrooms to the existing school sites
    2) Opening K-8 S.T.E.A.M. school at Steindorf Elementary
    3) New Bagby Multi-Purpose Room
    4) Covered Eating Structures 

    Growth Projects

    Final, Projected or Estimated Cost

    Estimated Completion Date

    Renovate, Expand, and Reopen Steindorf (Started August 2015) 

    $25.6 M (Final Cost)

    Completed (which includes Steindorf solar)

    Bagby Multi-Purpose Room (Started June 2017) 

    $  3.2 M (Projected Cost)

    February 2018

    3 Additional Fammatre Classrooms 

    $  1.6 M (Final Cost)

    Completed July 2014

    Flexible Learning Areas - All Sites Except Steindorf (Farnham portion to start July 2017) 

    $  0.5 M (Projected Cost)

    One Site Per Year (Farnham Phase - August 2018) 

    Other Potential Growth Projects               

    (See Facilities Master Plan for Details) 

    Up to $4.6 M (Estimated Cost Depending on Projects Selected)

    To Be Determined