Websites for Learning

  • Digital Citizenship

    Before your child begins to use available tools for learning on the internet, android or smart phone, it is important that a caring adult discusses behavioral expectations, and safeguards.  Using a internet screening tool  does not  take the place of a sound understanding of Digital Citizenship. Help your child know how to use the web wisely, here are a few sites that will lead you in the right direction.

      Common Sense Media has a wide array of student and family friendly resources. It is a FREE program to help parents and caregivers navigate and discuss the impact of digital media on kids' social, emotional, and intellectual development.
    They also have an extensive data base of apps linked specifically with Common Core Standards  


Reading Tools

  •  Read eBooks, listen to audiobooks, and watch videos from your library with OverDrive Media Console. The app is available for every major desktop and mobile platform. 
     A number of our K - 2 and RSP teachers use  as a web based tools for students who are learning to read, or are just beginning to read.  There are a number of phonics based readers that students can either read on their own, or allow the computer to read to them. 

     Quil Quil is a web-based tool that provides personalized, interactive grammar lessons for middle school students. The developers intend to expand Quill from a grammar tool into a general purpose literacy tool over the coming years.

Math Tools

  • The Motto of Khan Academy  is "Learn almost anything free"  With a mission that seeks to provide  free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere, for anyone.  Our teachers primarily promote the use of Khan Academy for Math, but you might be surprised what you or your child can learn on Khan today!   Check it out!   You will want to set up an account. 



       YouCuyou cubed bed is a nonprofit providing  free  and affordable K-12 mathematics resources and professional development     for educators and parents. The site includes fun and interesting games and ideas that students and parents can use    at home to build math reasoning.