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Cambrian School District is committed to offering families choices that provide the best education for their children. 
This page explains the three types of transfers parents may apply for if they feel a special program or school other than their child’s home school is a better fit for their child. 

Transfers WITHIN Cambrian 
Cambrian School District allows Cambrian students to request movement to another school with in the Cambrian School District. Please click for more information. (form will be available Jan 22) All requests must be made by March 1st 

Transfers INTO Cambrian 
Cambrian welcomes students who live outside the district boundaries to attend one of our schools. Please click for more information if you live outside the Cambrian School District boundaries. 

Transfers OUT of Cambrian 
Cambrian Residents may request to attend school in another district. Please click for more information if you wish to attend school in another district .