• Meet the Office Staff:


    Amy O'Hehir: Principal

    Patricia Lee: School Secretary
    Contact the School Secretary at 408-377-3321 ext. 4100 for information about enrollment, purchasing and invoices, after-school classes and general school information.
    Tracy Hudson: Administrative Clerk
    Contact the Administrative Clerk at 408-377-3321 ext. 4103 regarding Farnham's newsletter, field trips, and general school information.
    Renee Gundersen: Health & Attendance Clerk
    Contact the Health and Attendance Clerk at 408-377-3321 ext. 4104 regarding health concerns, medication use at school and attendance questions.  To report an absence, email the Health and Attendance Clerk (gundersenr@cambriansd.com), or call 408-377-3321 ext. 4102.