• Sartorette's Murals

    Sartorette installed three new murals during the 2021-2022 school year, with more coming in 2022-2023.
    Front Office Entrance
    by Cambrian Graduate Mei Lin Lee-Stahr
    • This mural reflects the vibrancy of life and learning that go on every day, and the Sartorette community’s commitment to working together for the growth and well-being of every child.
    • "By showing people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds working together to help nourish the growth of plants, symbolic of the students," artist Lee -Stahr said, "I wanted students, as well as community members, to feel that Sartorette is a safe place, no matter where you come from or who you are."
    Mural Front Entrance
    Secondary Entrance by the Bus Circle
    by College Student Omar Lopez
    • This mural captures the fun of learning at Sartorette and features the Monarch butterfly, the original 2nd & 3rd grade project that spread throughout Cambrian's elementary schools and has now become a PBL (Project Based Learning). The phases of a Monarch butterfly are a metaphor of our students' educational journey.
    Mural Secondary Bus Circle Entrance
    5th Grade Legacy Wall (cafeteria exterior wall)
    Organized by Home & School Club Parent Volunteers Trish Skinner and Cecile Toulme
    Featuring the hands of outgoing 5th graders from 2021-2022
    • This mural is the first of many that will be added with each year's promoting 5th grade class.

    5th Gr 2021-2022