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    Students Returning to Campus

    Dear Sartorette & VSP Families,
    Thank you for attending last night’s Principal Coffee, when I shared important information about students returning to our Sartorette campus for instruction. Here’s the link to the presentation. Sartorette teachers are also sharing a modified version of the same presentation to students and families in our collaborative effort to prepare everyone for a smooth transition back to the classroom on campus.
    Principal Coffee Presentation from March 2, 2021

    - March 8th SDC students return to Sartorette's campus

    - March 15th Cohort A students return to Sartorette's campus

    - March 18th Cohort B students return to Sartorette's campus

    What can parents/guardians do to prepare children?
    - Outfit your child with a proper fitting mask and practice wearing it during rest and play.
    - Practice washing hands and using hand sanitizer properly.
    - Practice 6 feet of social distancing.
    - Remind your child that you’ll drop them off and pick them up at the right time and at their assigned gate. Trustworthy adults will take good care of them and keep them safe while they’re at school.
    - Keep in touch with your child’s teacher and read school communications.
    - Watch the following short videos with your child.

    Putting on and Taking Off Masks
    Wearing a Mask Helps Stop the Spread of Germs   
    Know How to Wear Your Mask Correctly

    Wash Your Hands
    Hand Washing Video
    Coronavirus | How to wash your hands

    Applying Hand Sanitizer
    Hand Rubbing Steps Using the WHO Technique

    Healthy Behavior
    Stop the Spread of Germs
    Promoting Healthy Behaviors in School

    We're thrilled to have our Sartorette students back with us in person!

    All the best,
    Debbie Stein
    Sartorette Elementary School and
    Cambrian Virtual School Program (TK-5)