• Maker Space

    Sartorette MakerSpace

    New in the 2018-2019 school year the Sartorette Home and School Club is proud to have a dedicated makerspace that will be available for all students to use during lunch and with their classroom.

    What is a MakerSpace?

    MakerSpaces provide creative time and space for students to build prototypes, explore questions, fail and retry, bounce ideas off one another and build something together. They are designed with the thought that  students need to be able to think critically, problem-solve and collaborate in order to succeed in the future they will inhabit.

    Makers Space 1

    What are some examples of learning experiences during class MakerSpace time or lunch MakerSpace time? 

    Maker Challenges, Snap Circuits, Hexbugs, “Make it & Take It”, Tinker Kits, Legos, Tinker Toys, wooden blocks, K’nex, PowerClix, Makey Makeys, and ephemeral art just to name a few! 

    Where do we get our materials?

    We depend upon upcycled & new materials donated from our community to keep costs minimal, as well as support from our HSC to purchase tools and devices to power our creations. 

    What are the rules and expectations in the MakerSpace?

    • Be creative, take risks, try something new, transform the materials.
    • Be respectful of the tools, materials & volunteers.
    • As we share the space, you must stay in designated MakerSpace area.
    • Keep the materials organized.
    • Pay it forward! Teach others and share your learning.
    • If you don’t follow the MakerSpace rules and expectations, you will be asked to leave and need to earn the right to come back.

     “Plan.  Persevere.  Put it Away.”

    When can students participate in MakerSpaces?

     During class time with their teacher or during lunch time.

    Who can participate?

    All students in grades TK-5 after their class has attended a MakerSpace orientation.

    Maker Space 2

    How can I help?

    • Donate Supplies! - Look at our Supply Wish List and donate supplies at the blue MakerSpace barrel outside the office. 
      • White glue and glitter glue
      • Glue sticks
      • Kid scissors
      • Masking tape (white and colored)
      • Washable markers
      • Beads and cord
      • Pip cleaners
      • Felt/fabric
      • Small boxes and containers (clean and dry please)
      • Newspaper
      • Paper towel rolls
      • Contruction paper
      • Egg cartons
      • Craft sticks
    • Volunteer! - Sign up on Sartorette HSC Membership Toolkit or in the office to:
      • Help maintain the MakerSpace
      • Supervise lunchtime MakerSpace
      • Work with your child’s teacher during class MakerSpace time
      • Aide in the All School Maker Challenges 

    Any questions, please contact the MakerSpace Team:  Chrisy Teil at teilcm@gmail.com

    New to Sartorette HSC Membership Toolkit? Go to https://sartorettehsc.membershiptoolkit.com