• District Awards & Recognitions

    We have many points of pride in our school district and look for opportunities to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our students, community/parent volunteers, and staff. Over the years, all of our schools have been awarded the prestigious Distinguished School Award from the California Department of Education. To promote quality programs, we have received several competitive grants from groups such as the Silicon Valley Math Initiative and the Lawrence Hall of Science.

    At the first meeting of each month during the school year, our Board of Education gives public recognition to our “Good Apples.” These are parents, staff or community volunteers that go above and beyond to help students succeed.
    "Students of the Month" (one each from the elementary schools and two from the middle school) demonstrate exceptional academic performance or improvement, resilience in overcoming obstacles, community/school service, or leadership.
    These awards ceremonies frequently are a family affair with proud parents and family members cheering on the worthy recipients.