• Fammatre is in it's 3rd year of Mileage Club which encourages students to be healthy by walking or running laps.  Students have an opportunity to participate each week!
    Laps (Every 5 laps equals 1 mile)
    Students will be walking or running laps on the back playground area.  Teachers are provided with a lap cards to help keep track of how many laps a student has done.
    • All students will receive a necklace to put their prizes on!
    • 1st-5th grade students will earn a foot for every 5 miles or 25 laps that they complete.  
    • TK and Kinder students will earn a foot for every 2 miles or 10 laps.
    If you have any questions please contact Eden Yacob or Sharon Van Sant!  Talk to your teacher to find out when they go to Mileage Club and come out and support the teacher and class with this wonderful program!