Educational Services Department

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    "Exploring Infinite Possibilities for Learning"  

    The mission of the Educational Services Department in the Cambrian School District is to support the schools and build site capacity to ensure that every child's potential is reached. To fulfill that mission, Educational Services provides resources and support for students, parents, staff, and the Cambrian community. 

    Our goal is to enable staff and parents to understand, implement, and comply with state reforms, statutes, regulations, and guidelines. Working collaboratively with all members of the Cambrian staff, we maintain the excellent standard of education expected in Cambrian School District.

    Contact Information:
    Linh Nguyen
    Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services
    Susan Ahmann
    Administrative Assistant
    Julia Santos
    Data Coordinator
    Jacqueline Smith
    Director of Educational Technology
    Teachers on Special Assignment - Title I & Title III Support Services
    Cindy Ponce
    Ed Services & Fammatre School 
    Chau Chieng
    Farnham School & Steindorf School
    Crysti Flowers-Haywood
    Bagby School & Sartorette School
    Stacy Worrell
    Price Middle School