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    The Buildings & Grounds Department is committed to creating and maintaining a top-notch learning environment for our students and the professionals that serve them. Our department is responsible for providing routine maintenance, landscaping, and janitorial services to classrooms, learning facilities, meeting rooms, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, restrooms, playgrounds, offices and other facilities at our six campuses and the central administration building.

    Custodial staff takes great pride in keeping the facilities safe and clean by following a regular cleaning schedule that includes periodic deep cleaning projects and activities.

    Grounds crews keep the exterior of our buildings neat and well maintained. Lawns and playing fields are mowed and watered, walkways and hallways are cleaned, and trees and plants are trimmed on a regular schedule. Sprinkler systems and exterior fencing and gates are also maintained by our highly qualified staff.

    Maintenance employees keep all of the electrical, lighting, doors and windows, mechanical, HVAC units, and other equipment in good working order. Staff immediately deal with any graffiti or unsafe situations and routinely inspect our buildings to identify needed repairs.

    Our goal is to provide quality facilities for quality learning in the Cambrian School District.

  • Bagby Multi Use Room (Measure I Project)
    Ground Breaking Ceremony          
    From left to right: Carol Presunka – Board Member; Bill Eagan – Interim Director of Buildings and Grounds; Randy Scofield – Board President; Jason E. Vann – CFO; Dr. Carrie Andrews – Superintendent; Mark Finney – Sugimura Finney Architects; Jarod Middleton – Board Clerk; Orlando DelGadillo, - KPDC;  Aletta Godden – Board Member;
    Concept Art Work
    Concept Art

    Cambrian School District recently completed construction for a new 3,200 square foot multi-purpose room (“MPR”) with canopy at Bagby Elementary School located at 1840 Harris Avenue.  This new building now allows our school district to improve the quality of education that our parents, 550+ students and other community members expect from Bagby School Site. It also provides an additional covered, temperature-controlled eating area, flexible learning space, and community space that can be leased out, when available.  This new MPR replaced the old MPR at Bagby and allowed the site to repurpose the space. See Measure I website for more details as the project progresses.  

  • Price and Sartorette Painting

    Below is a slideshow of the painting project that was completed at Price and Sartorette this summer.  We are very excited about the refreshed look of these schools.  Going forward, we plan to paint one school each summer until all the schools within our district have been repainted.

    This is all part of our District's 5 year facilities plan approved by the Board during August of 2016.  To see more on this 5 year plan please click on the link below.

    5 year plan details

  • Finished Project: New Professional Development Center and New Maintenance Shop

    (Non-Measure I Project)
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  

    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

    From left to right: Patrick Maravelias – KPDC; Jarod Middleton – Board Member; Jeneva Sneed – Board Member; Carol Presunka – Board Member; Doron Aronson – Board Member; Randy Scofield – Board Member; Dr. Carrie Andrews – Superintendent; Jason E. Vann – CFO; Bill Eagan – Director of Buildings and Grounds; Mark Finney – Sugimura Finney Architects.

    On February 4, 2015, we conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of the new 3,500 square foot Professional Development Center (“PDC”) and new Maintenance Shop (“Shop”) at our District Office located at 4115 Jacksol Drive.  The ceremony was attended by our Board of Trustees, District Superintendent, construction management consultants – Kramer Project Development Company (“KPDC”), architectural consultants – Sugimura Finney Architects (“SFA”), and other key District staff members.

    These new buildings will allow our school district to improve the quality of education our parents, 3,400+ students and other community members expect from Cambrian, as well as respond to critical and urgent facility maintenance needs of our schools.

    The new PDC includes first rate video conferencing equipment, wireless connectivity, a wireless printer, a high definition television with Apple TV connectivity (with plans to expand the number of televisions), 2 large motorized drop down screens with individual projectors for high quality presentations, and other furniture and equipment that makes the new center as flexible as possible for various workshops.

    This space is also available for rental to the general public when not in use by District staff.  Use Civic Permits website to obtain more details on renting this space in the future.

    It is important to note that this project was paid with non-Measure I dollars the District specifically set aside to address facility related matters, in accordance with State requirements.                                                                                                                

    New Prof. Development Center and Shop Rendering

    Concept Artwork for Professional Development Center and Shop



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