• Welcome to Buildings & Grounds!

    The Buildings & Grounds Department is committed to creating and maintaining a top-notch learning environment for our students and the professionals that serve them. Our department is responsible for providing:

    • routine maintenance
    • landscaping
    • janitorial services to classrooms, learning facilities, meeting rooms, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms, restrooms, playgrounds, offices and other facilities at our six campuses and the central administration building.

    Custodial staff takes great pride in keeping the facilities safe and clean by following a regular cleaning schedule that includes periodic deep cleaning projects and activities.

    Grounds crews keep the exterior of our buildings neat and well maintained. Lawns and playing fields are mowed and watered, walkways and hallways are cleaned, and trees and plants are trimmed on a regular schedule. Sprinkler systems and exterior fencing and gates are also maintained by our highly qualified staff.

    Maintenance employees keep all of the electrical, lighting, doors and windows, mechanical, HVAC units, and other equipment in good working order. Staff immediately deal with any graffiti or unsafe situations and routinely inspect our buildings to identify needed repairs.

    Our goal is to provide quality facilities for quality learning in the Cambrian School District.

Department Contacts