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    Sartorette LCAP Annual Update 2021

    School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

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    2020-21 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

    2020-21 LCAP Presentation

    Sartorette Elementary School was recognized as a California Distinguished School. This award is given to the top 4% of California's 5000 elementary schools. Our excellent academic program addresses the needs of all children.  Each year our students are assessed through a variety of district and state measures. These tests monitor student progress from year to year and provide for checkpoints throughout the year to be certain individual needs are met.

    In the Cambrian School District, we utilize benchmark testing at various times throughout the school year. These assessments are based on key grade-level standards and help us to implement appropriate curricular interventions. Parents can receive information about these benchmark tests during parent conferences from the classroom teacher.

    Cambrian School District is known for its high-achieving students and high-performing schools.  Please go to the Cambrian District Website for specific information regarding student achievement. 

    The California Department of Education maintains consistently updated information for all public schools in California.

    Charter Accountability

    In May of 2002, Sartorette Elementary School was approved to become a dependent charter school. This offers the Sartorette community flexibility in the area of enrollment of students. Sartorette enrolls over 24% of its students from outside the Cambrian School District boundaries and allows options for individuals to be educated at Sartorette if they choose. As a dependent charter school, Farnham follows all of the Cambrian School District Board Policies and Procedures.

    Chater Petitions: All charter schools are required by the state of California to renew their charter petitions every five years. Click on the links below to view Sartorette's charter petitions.