• Art Vistas

    The Art Vistas program, sponsored through Measure A funding and the Home and School Club is offered to Bagby students during their school day. Students are able to work with a variety of media, and sessions revolve around a particular theme. Art Vistas is an ongoing program throughout the school year. Volunteers are an essential part of this program and our coordinator, Cailin Caulfield, provides training and support for all volunteers.

    The Program: 

    Six times a year, Art Vistas docents bring "mini exhibits" of great works of art into the elementary school classrooms and conduct easy-to-understand discussions with the children; this is followed by hands-on lessons that provide unique creative opportunities. Docents involved in the Art Vistas program enjoy working with children and seeing them grow in understanding and enjoyment of art appreciation and art history. With the knowledge and language gained from Art Vistas presentations, students can approach any work of art with a sense of confidence. They can discuss the artist's use of color, line, shape, texture, and value. In addition, the students' own artwork improves with the knowledge and hands-on experience gained from the program. The Art Vistas docents have also been instrumental in setting up annual art shows at each school so the community can enjoy the children's wonderful creations. The docents have collected, sorted, mounted, tagged, and displayed thousands of pieces of student art. 
    Except for the coordinator this organization is voluntary.  All docents who wish to do presentations in the classroom are required to take the appropriate training.