• Panther Pride Program

    To celebrate academic achievement our students will be recognized during special assemblies and awarded with special privilege ID cards. 

    Eligibility – No D’s, F’s, or U’s on report cards
    Gold Card 3.67 to 4.0 GPA
    Silver Card 3.33 to 3.66 GPA
    Bronze Card 2.5 to 3.32 GPA
    Emerald Card .5 improvement in GPA from previous quarter 
    Each card has a set of additional privileges and awards listed on the back.  
    In addition, students who earn Gold will be presented with a School Letter “P.” The letter “P” is given only once during the three years for either Gold or after school sports.  Students who earn Gold will be also be presented with a certificate each quarter they are eligible.
    The GPA formula is as follows:
    A = 4 points C = 2 points
    B = 3 points D = 1 points
    Pass / Fail Classes are not counted.
    Language Arts classes are two periods per day and count as two grades per grading quarter.