• 8th Grade
    Community Service Opportunities
      • Good Samaritan Hospital - 14 years and older: 408-559-2345
      • Cambrian Little League looking for helpers
      • Our elementary schools are looking for helpers with fall festivals - come to the office for more information
      • Volunteer Match.org 
    Private High School Recommendations
    For students who are considering applying to a private high school, please submit all applications and required materials to the school Registrar, Gina McCarthy. Please include a postage paid envelope for any school that does not participate in the Ravenna Solutions electronic submission program. If the school offers electronic apps and recommendations, we encourage you to submit your requests online. It is easier for us to fill out, requires no postage with the possibility of returned/lost mail, and allows you to track your application!
    Price Promotion Requirements
    Students are required to meet the following critieria for promotion from Price:
    1. Attain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 1.5 overall. Language Arts classes are counted as two grades per quarter.
    2. Attend school regularly (absent no more than 30 days total for the year).
    3. Maintain appropriate behavior during all four quarter of the eighth grade school year. Unacceptable behaviors include:
      • Suspensions for misbehavior
      • Excessive office referrals for misbehavior
      • Truancies
      • Excessive tardies
    4. School personnel will notify students and their parents each grading quarter if the student's grade point average falls below 1.5, or if absences exceed 10 days.
    5. Appeals by students and their parents may be made to the principal, if the above requirements are not being met and ceremony participation is in jeopardy.