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Safety and Security Fencing and Other Projects

Fencing Project Goals: 

  • Provide for the safety and security of students and staff during the school day 
  • Secure perimeter of buildings and playgrounds during school hours with fencing that deters easy climbing 
  • Enable quick lock-down of classrooms during a security event
  • Install key lockable latch hardware on man gates at the classroom buildings
  • Minimize number of man gates and drive gates at perimeter fencing to reduce possible breach points
  • Reconfigure the office and front gates to ensure all visitors enter through the school office during school hours
  • Maintain public access to YMCA and ATLC daycare during the school day 
  • Enable public to use school grounds after school hours and weekends 
  • Man gates to be locked upon first school bell and unlocked at end of the school day
  • Use ornamental fence at public facades. Selectively repair or replace existing fence to remain
  • Provide maintenance gates at perimeter corridors to clean out vegetation and debris

Safety and Security Fencing Projects

Final Cost

Completion Date


Safety and Security Project

(Started November 2014) 

$3.4 M

Completed November 2015

Price Ceiling Project    

(Started July 2014)  
 $1.8 M  Completed August 2015  

Safety and Security Project Specifics by School