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Energy Projects

These are measures taken to generate electrical power, increase energy efficiency, and improve the performance of building systems.
Energy Projects May Include:  

  • Installation of photo-voltaic systems for on-site renewable energy
  • Replacement of existing windows
  • Replace interior lighting with new high-performance products
  • Updating HVAC systems

Energy projects also reduce the District’s carbon footprint by reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. On May 1, 2014 the Governing Board unanimously approved the recommended solar partner to complete construction of the solar panels. All school sites have solar panels installed to allow Cambrian School District to be more environmentally friendly and reduce operational costs. 
Solar installation began September 15, 2014. By the first week of March 2015, all 5 schools and our district office site are producing electricity for our schools. The solar project is expected to save the District over $280,000 in our first 12 months of operation and potentially increase each year thereafter. We expect to average over $465,000 in annual savings over the next 25 years.  

Energy Project

Final or Estimated Cost

Estimated Completion Date

Solar Project   (Started mid- September 2014)

$4.4 M (Final Cost)

Completed March 2015 (excludes phase II for Steindorf*)

Other Potential Energy Projects (Refer to the Facilities Master Plan for details)  $5.7 M (Estimated Cost) To Be Determined

* - Solar panels were added to the roof at Steindorf instead of using the solar canopy design. The cost of those solar panels are included in the cost of the Steindorf project and not included in the $4.4M number above. See the Solar Energy Information Live! 
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