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District Plans

Strategic Plan


Cambrian School District has released a rigorous five-year Strategic Plan to guide decisions and set direction for District students. The comprehensive plan outlines five core goals to devise the areas of focus for student achievement and development. The Strategic Plan will drive our goal to prepare students to excel in a global society. Please click to view the Cambrian School District Strategic Plan 2018-23.     Our Mission Cambrian School District, a caring and collaborative community, develops creative and critical thinkers who communicate effectively, value diversity and are ready to excel in a global society.     Our Core Values All children...
  • Have value
  • Deserve respect
  • Can learn
  • Can succeed
  • Have a right to the best education possible
  • Can be lifelong learners

We Believe In

  • Valuing and teaching the whole child
  • Preparing all Cambrian students to be successful in addressing the challenges of the 21st century as global citizens
  • Honoring and encouraging the strengths of every child
  • Fostering a strong sense of community and creating a safe, orderly learning environment for all
  • Academic excellence that is built through collaboration and teamwork

  Our Vision

The Cambrian School District will be known for its creativity, innovation, academic excellence and maintaining a strong focus on educating the whole child. Our schools will provide a safe, supportive environment for all students. Collaboration of all stakeholders will be at the center of what we do, keeping us focused on a path of continuous improvement.

Our actively engaged students will take control of their education as they are challenged to reach their personal goals and push themselves to new levels of growth and achievement. A rigorous, hands-on curriculum will advance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The application of 21st-century skills through a variety of authentic learning opportunities will create students who can adapt to the academic, professional and social demands of the future. Full access to dynamic and sustainable technology will support our e-learners on their diverse educational journeys.

Our amazing team of highly-trained educators and classified staff are supported by a collaborative community of parents, volunteers and business partners who share a commitment to meeting the needs of all students. Through strategic, forward-thinking professional development, staff will continuously hone their craft as they develop and deliver a powerful curriculum that engages all students.

As the heart and soul of the Cambrian community, our district will explore infinite possibilities for learning as we prepare our students to become global citizens and leaders who rise to the challenges of their exciting, diverse, and ever-changing world. 

Core Competencies

core competencies