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District Information

Cambrian School District has deep roots in our corner of the Silicon Valley dating back more than 100 years. Our District has become established as the bedrock of the Cambrian neighborhood, as generations of students have come to learn, grow, and explore.

We serve approximately 3,000 students in Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade across four elementary schools, one comprehensive middle school, and Steindorf K-8 STEAM Magnet school. Across all of our schools and grade levels, our staff shares a commitment to excellence and continuous growth. Hallmarks of our approach to teaching and learning include:

  • Seamless integration of California's Common Core Standards
  • A relentless pursuit of student achievement
  • A focus on the "4 Cs": critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity 
  • An unwavering commitment to nurturing the whole child
  • Innovative programs exposing students to the arts, music, wellness, and technology 
  • Ongoing professional learning opportunities to ensure that our world-class staff has the knowledge and resources they need to continue honing their craft as educators
  • Warm school communities where families and neighbors are welcome and vital participants in student life both in and out of the classroom

Our team works diligently to create safe, engaging learning spaces for our students at each of our six school sites. Together, Cambrian students, staff, and families are exploring infinite possibilities for learning, and we invite you to be a part of our journey. 



Kristi Schwiebert , Cambrian School District Superintendent

Kristi Schwiebert

Kristi Schwiebert

Carlena Grandey                                                    Administrative Assistant   

Dawn Klavon                                                            Coordinator of Marketing, Communication & Community Engagement