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Securly Student Internet Safety

Securly: Web Activity Filter and Monitor

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 Securly is one of the products Cambrian School District uses to ensure students are safe and responsible when using digital devices.  Securly...

  • ...provides web filtering to help ensure students only access content appropriate for learning
  • ...monitors student activity and flags potential signs of self-harm, cyberbullying and other activities that can negatively impact students
  • ...supports teachers with a Classroom tool that allows them to manage student devices during instruction.

Securly provides many of the same capabilities when our students are using their school devices at home. Even though students are using school devices outside of Cambrian's network, Securly provides the same set of security policies at home or wherever the student is using the device. Note, Securly only monitors a student's activity in their school Google account.  Securly cannot monitor activity from a personal account.  

Securly Home

In addition, Securly provides a parent app called Securly Home that allows parents to also monitor their child's activities and control access to Internet content when your child uses their school device outside of the school network (e.g. at home).  If your child is in grades 6 through 8, as a parent, you will automatically receive an invitation to enroll as a parent in Securly Home.

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