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Mandated Training

Accessing Cambrian Mandated Trainings

Cambrian employees are required to take a set of mandated training sessions each year based on their job function.  To access the training sessions:

  1. Login by going to the Keenan SafeSchools Training site:
  2. If you are a Cambrian employee with a Keenan username and password, enter your username and login.
    Otherwise, click on Register
    Keenan Login page

  3. Enter the registration key, ab3ec701, and click Continue
    Registration key

  4. Register for an account:
    1. Username: <lastname firstinitial> (for example, Matt Hill would be hillm)
    2. Position: Choose the position from the menu that matches and click Select
    3. Location: Choose the site where you will be located.  If you are at multiple sites, just choose a single location.  If you are not sure, select District Office.
  5. Click Register to finish up!
    Self Registration Screen