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Personnel Services


Our priority is to recruit, hire, and support the highest qualified employees to work with Cambrian students, families, staff, and the community. Our efforts include some of the following areas of responsibility and services:

Employee Information

Our department organizes, maintains, and secures employees' records and documentation for our district. This information is used for a variety of reasons such as payroll, and local, state, and federal employment laws.

Recruitment, Selection, Assignment, Evaluation, and Separation

We support the recruitment and selection of employees as needed. When jobs become available, we post job openings, perform a preliminary review of candidates, and assist with interviews for the selection of employees that meet our needs.

We assist our management team with employee assignments and the evaluation of staff.

We support our management team in multiple areas of separation.

Substitute Employee Management System

Our department oversees the Substitute Employee Management System which allows our staff to enter absences and schedules substitutes to fill the absence.

Employer-Employee Relations

We are dedicated to our employees and ensure equitable treatment of employees.

Staff Development

We support employees' continual learning which benefits individuals as well as our District.

New Teacher Support

We provide support services for teacher induction.

Department Contacts

Natalie Gioco
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services

Kendel Browning
Personnel Technician

Beverly Merrel
Substitute Coordinator