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Student Breakfast & Lunch

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Meal Application

All breakfasts and lunches will be complimentary (no cost) for the entire 2023-24 school year. Even though school meals are free this year, we encourage you to complete the meal application to take advantage of additional benefits for you and your family, while also helping with school funding.

Additional Benefits for families may include:

  • Provide additional funding for state and federal programs and services in our schools
  • Qualify your family for discounted rates on home internet service
  • Qualify your student for free or discounted fees to participate in activities
  • Determine eligibility to receive Pandemic EBT benefits.

The complimentary (free and reduced) meal and benefit forms can be found at:

This extra funding supports Cambrian's:

  • Counseling, Intervention, and Reading/Math support (Title I)
  • Professional Development for all staff (Title II)
  • Immigration and English Learner students (Title III)
  •  Middle School support for English Learners (Title IV)
  • Supplemental Services – Teacher Aides, Psychologist Services, Community Liaisons, Software Licenses for students, Teacher Instructional Support, and Instructional materials.

Note - All food shall be consumed in the appropriate eating areas designated by school officials. 

Did You Know?

Fun health and nutrition facts about the Cambrian School District Meal Program:

  • The Cambrian School District Meal Program has been 100% trans-fat-free since 2006.
  • All entrees – such as pizza, cereal, muffins, and all sliced bread and buns are made from whole grains.
  • All menus meet federal and state guidelines of less than 30% total fat, and less than 10% saturated fat.
  • We do not fry any foods – chicken nuggets, breaded chicken patty sandwiches, French fried potatoes, and orange chicken are all baked.
  • Our milk selection is all-natural, rBST-free, and does not contain any high fructose corn syrup.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are acquired through local California growers.
  • Ingredients and menu selections are low fat and low sugar whenever possible.


Deborah Gill
Cambrian Food Supervisor