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English Language Proficiency Assessment for California ELPAC

Initial ELPAC Assessment

The Initial ELPAC is administered for students who have languages other than English. The Initial ELPAC is to be administered for initial identification purposes within 30 calendar days of first enrollment to a pupil whose primary language is other than English, as determined by the Home Language Survey, and who has not previously been assessed for English language proficiency in a California public school in kindergarten – grade 12.

The test evaluates listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. The unofficial results are immediately made available to parents. Official results from the state are mailed to parents as soon as possible.  The ELPAC scores students at four (4) different English proficiency levels.  

Summative ELPAC Assessment

The summative ELPAC is administered during the Spring and parents are notified of the results after they are scored by the state.  This annual score is used in program placement, additional needs, program evaluation, and reclassification. The ELPAC shall be administered annually to each English Learner during the time frame established by the state.  The results of the summative ELPAC shall be used to evaluate how well English Learners are learning English.