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Consolidated Application

Consolidated Application for Categorical Programs

Consolidated Application (Con App)

The state funds a number of programs that are distributed to school districts through the Consolidated Application.

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Consolidated Application
The Consolidated Application (ConApp) is used by the California Department of Education (CDE) to distribute categorical funds from various state and federal programs to county offices, school districts, and direct-funded charter schools throughout California.

Annually, in June, each local educational agency (LEA) submits the Spring release of the application to document participation in these programs and provide assurances that the district will comply with the legal requirements of each program. Program entitlements are determined by formulas contained in the laws that created the programs.

The Fall release is submitted in October of each year. This will be an opportunity for the various CDE program offices to collect data that is needed before the Winter release is due.

The Winter release of the application is submitted in January of each year and contains the district entitlements for each funded program. Out of each state and federal program entitlement, districts allocate funds for indirect costs of administration, for programs operated by the district office, and for programs operated at schools.

The data collection and reporting cycles:

  • Fall | September-October
  • Winter | December-January
  • Summer | May-June

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)
The California Department of Education has implemented a compliance monitoring process that includes self-evaluation tools for local educational agencies (LEAs). The goal is to ensure that categorical program funds are being spent in accordance with the law. State oversight is accomplished by annually monitoring one-quarter of all LEAs. Schools may be monitored through a CDE visit once every four years.

Site Councils/English Learner Advisory Committees
School Site Councils are responsible for the development, monitoring, and revision of the Local Control Accountability Plan, including a budget that provides for the expenditure of all state and federal funds that are allocated to a school.