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Differentiated Instruction

What is Differentiated Instruction?

Every child learns in their own way, and at the Cambrian School District, we want to make sure every child gets the help they need to succeed. That's why teachers use "differentiated instruction."

Think of it as a toolbox with different teaching strategies. Sometimes, all students learn about the same topic, but the teacher might use different ways to explain it, like games, videos, or hands-on activities. Other times, students may be grouped based on what they already know or how they learn best. This way, everyone gets the right challenge, no matter if they need extra help or are ready for something harder.

Here are some ways teachers might use differentiated instruction:

  • Think about how your child learns best: Do they like to move around? Do they need extra time to understand something? Teachers can adjust their teaching based on these differences.
  • Work in small groups: This can be helpful for students who need extra support or who learn best by collaborating with others.
  • Use different activities: Not everyone learns best by reading textbooks. Teachers might use games, projects, or other activities to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Check in regularly: Teachers use "formative assessments" to see how everyone is doing and make sure everyone understands the material.
  • Make adjustments: If something isn't working, teachers can change their approach to help students learn.

We believe that every child can reach their full potential, and differentiated instruction is just one way we make that happen.

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