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Health Curriculum

In January of 2016, the state of California passed the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA), which mandates that all California school districts provide students with comprehensive sexual health education at least once in middle school (grade 7 or 8) and in high school.   
In addition, the CHYA gives districts discretion as to whether or not they will provide puberty/sexual health instruction that complies with the law and state standards for elementary school students. Cambrian exercises that discretion by providing puberty/sexual health instruction in our fifth-grade classes in order to ensure that our students enter middle school with a basic knowledge of human development, hygiene, and healthy relationships and that they have the proper framework to succeed in their 7th-grade sexual health course.   
In accordance with California law and Cambrian School District Board Policy, we believe firmly that all students have the right to access medically accurate, age-appropriate information about their bodies and how to keep themselves safe and well as they grow up. To that end, we are pleased to introduce Health Connected, the board adopted puberty and sexual health curriculum for grades 5 and 7. In partnership with Health Connected, a Redwood City-based nonprofit, we look forward to working with families to ensure all students have the mindsets, skills, and resources they need to thrive as healthy young adults.  
Parents will receive notification two(2) weeks prior to the beginning of instruction. Per CHYA, parents have the right to preview the curriculum, which is available at all of the school site offices and the district office. Parents may also opt out by notifying their child's school with a written request. Please contact your school site office for more information about reviewing materials or opt-out procedures.

Prior to this instruction, parents/guardians will be invited to attend or view a virtual or live parent information night to learn about the curriculum.

California Healthy Youth Act