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Curriculum & Instruction

The Cambrian School District has a well-established commitment to educating the whole child. The curriculum and instruction are designed to help students to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, ethically, and aesthetically. We support students as they become active, engaged learners and responsible citizens capable of using their minds and hearts well in the 21st century. 

Cambrian School District provides a high-quality, rigorous, and relevant curriculum for all students. Each student is guaranteed access to their grade level in the core academic areas on a curriculum aligned with the California Common Core State Standards for  Reading and /Language Arts, and Mathematics.   

Teachers and administrators continuously evaluate programs and student achievement to assure all students receive instruction that is grounded in Common Core Curriculum standards, academically and developmentally challenging and that the most effective teaching strategies are used in the classroom.    

The District is also committed to enriching the students’ educational experience through the arts. The Art Vistas program, general music led by full-time music instructors, as well as after-school choral and instrumental music programs enrich the elementary instructional program. At the middle school, the full-time choral and instrumental music and art teacher provide outstanding opportunities to engage students beyond academics.