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2023-24 CSD Comprehensive Assessment Calendar


An effective assessment program recognizes the relationship between a school district's mission and vision, national and state learning standards, district course curricula, classroom instruction, formative and summative assessment, and student learning. The purpose of the Cambrian School District Comprehensive Assessment Plan is to ensure that the assessment is fulfilling its intended role in this relationship. The goal of the CSD Assessment program is to provide students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members, and the communities served by the district with accurate, reliable, and valid data that may be used to:

  • Inform decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Ensure alignment of the district curricula with national and state learning standards
  • Inform the integration of technology in the classroom
  • Assist in the placement of students in core academic classes
  • Assist in the selection of students for advanced academic classes
  • Evaluate district programs
  • Inform decisions regarding the allocation of district resources
  • Inform teacher instruction
  • Improve student learning
  • Measure student achievement
  • Measure student growth
  • Provide accountability for the district's stakeholders

In order to address these objectives, the district has implemented a comprehensive assessment program that includes both formative and summative assessments that all students will participate in throughout the year.

CLICK HERE to view the 2023-24 CSD Comprehensive Assessment Calendar.