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Budget Advisory Committee

Cambrian School District (CSD) launched a Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) in December 2019
that will be led by CSD’s Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Penny Timboe. The primary purpose of the Budget
Advisory Committee is to understand the District’s budget cycle, assumptions used for budget
development, calculation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and the Local Control
Accountability Plan (LCAP) process as a means to make recommendations to the Superintendent as
to how CSD can develop financial strategies to ensure a long term sustainable funding model that supports Cambrian’s mission and vision.

The recommendations will focus on ways to increase various sources of funding from the community,
nonprofit, businesses, state and federal sources and how to work collaboratively with Home and
School Clubs and the Cambrian Education Foundation to achieve the mission and vision of the CSD.
Recommendations will also include ways to grow community-wide communication that will help with
the overall understanding of the Cambrian School District’s financial outlook. The committee’s
advisement will be paramount and provided to the Superintendent and Governing Board during the
district budget development process.

Budget Advisory Committee Goals At a Glance Include:

  • Review of District revenue sources and uses,
  • Review of District obligations and expenditures,
  • Understand projected (assumptions) changes to revenue and expenses, and analysis of
    trends, unknowns, and potential impacts in the budget year and two subsequent years for the
    development of the Multi-Year Projection,
  • Formally solicit input from all segments of the education community,
  • Make recommendations to the Superintendent for consideration in budget development.

The Committee Shall Consist of Members from the Following Constituencies:

  • One parent from each school site
  • One representative from Cambrian School District Classified Employees Association
  • One representative from Cambrian School District Certificated Employees Association
  • One representative from each Home and School Club Board
  • One representative from the Cambrian Education Foundation Board
  • Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Service
  • One school site principal