•  Parking Lot and Traffic:

    • There is NO supervision prior to 8:05 a.m. so please remember to wait in front of the school until the gates open.  You are required to wait with your student until the gates open and there is supervision.
    • If you live close enough to walk to Farnham, this is highly encouraged.  Otherwise, you can park a block or two away from campus and walk onto campus, as the front of the school is very busy.  
    • If you must drive your student to school, please follow these procedures:
      • The drop-off area is in the circle in front of the school on Woodard Road.
      • The lane closest to the white curb is for drop-off ONLY.  Please stay in your car and allow your student to only exit on the curbside as quickly as possible.
      • You may also choose to drop off students at the curb on Woodard Road in front of the staff parking lot, but there is no parking allowed in the red zone on the ends.
      • Never park across the street and ask your child to cross outside the crosswalk.

    • The parking lot is parking ONLY for staff, handicap, visitors, and volunteers.  Please DO NOT use the parking lot as a drop-off or pick-up area for your student.  
    • If at all possible, please carpool to help us reduce the vehicle congestion in front of the school.

    Loop Diagram

    Slow down, drive cautiously and remember, safety comes first!! Help us keep all of our Falcons safe!