• Hello Farnham Community,

    I am honored to be Farnham’s principal.  I have been teaching for seventeen years with the last seven being at Fammatre Elementary School. I have taught Kindergarten through fifth grade and loved each grade level for different reasons. When I began teaching in Cambrian in 2012, I quickly learned how special the staff, community, and especially the students are.  Being able to be the principal at Farnham is an extraordinary opportunity. 

    At Farnham, we believe that educating children is the responsibility of the total school community. Like all schools in the Cambrian School District, we are a California Distinguished School. The staff is dedicated to providing powerful learning experiences that meet the needs of all of our students. We create a caring environment where students feel safe, take risks in their learning and develop lifelong learning skills. Farnham has strong parent involvement. We are proud of the many volunteers that provide services to our school. We offer a wide variety of activities that promote a well-rounded educational experience. We are proud of our students, parents, staff, and community as they work together for student success, and in the process create a sense of community that makes Farnham such a special school.

    I invite you to come and participate in our community, as a volunteer in a classroom, in a school-wide event, or in whatever way resonates with you.


    Amy O'Hehir


    Farnham Elementary School