• PE Clothes Update 12/3/21


    We are very excited to be returning to the use of PE clothes and our locker rooms. Teachers have been working with students to assign lockers and learn how to use the combination locks. Our next step is to get everyone outfitted with their PE clothes.


    • All students should get a t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants. All items can be purchased based on your child's comfort with the elements.


      You can pay with cash or a check (payable to Price Middle School) using order forms in the office.


      Shorts - $11

      T-Shirt - $15

      Sweatpants - $24

      Sweatshirt - $25


      Once the order is placed, the PE clothes will be given to the student during their PE class within two (2) days.  Please note that PE clothes are to be worn during PE only.