Why do I need to choose now when we are returning through distance learning?

    For staffing purposes, we are creating virtual school classes for the 2020-21 school year that will continue even when we come back to school in-person.

    How are the virtual classes created?

    Online classes may need to be created with students from various Cambrian Schools throughout the district. Class or classes may not be site-based.  

    Students will be placed in a virtual class based on their specific grade levels;  that may include more than one grade level in a class. The number of students that apply for the VSP will determine whether combined grade levels are necessary.

    Can we opt to have our child attend in-person instruction this school year if we choose virtual school now?

    If you choose the virtual school program and want your child to opt back to in-person (hybrid model or full in-person) during the 2020-21 school year, students will be placed based on openings in the district at specific times (see below for more details). We will make every effort to accommodate all VSP students at their neighborhood school if they decide to return to campus during the school year, but we cannot guarantee a spot at their assigned school for 2020-21. However, we will guarantee your child’s spot back in their assigned neighborhood school or school of assignment for the 2021-22 school year.

    When can my child opt back into in-person instruction in the 2020-21 school year if they choose the virtual school program?

    If you would want to return at a fixed time, the option would be at the 2nd trimester (Elementary/Steindorf K-8 School) and 3rd quarter (Price Middle School) in this school year or the start of next school year. The reason for a fixed date is that we want to ensure continuity of learning for our students and thus allow students to complete a grading period before they return in-person. In addition, if you opt for your child to return to in-person they would be assigned a new teacher. 

    Elementary Schools and Steindorf K-8 Magnet: The student report card periods are based on trimesters. Families can choose for students to return after the 2nd trimester reporting period ends. The 2nd trimester ends on March 5, 2021.

    Price Middle School:  The recording period is based on quarters. Families can choose for students to return after the 3rd quarter ends. The 3rd quarter ends on March 26, 2021.

    What is the difference between virtual school and distance learning to hybrid?

    The VSP will focus on the Common Core grade-level standards, which are the same in the other model.

    What does a virtual class look like for the entire year?

    Students will be clustered by grade level or grade levels, as needed based upon parent interest Students may come from any of our Cambrian schools and be assigned a Cambrian School teacher. 

    Will there be any in-person activities with the virtual school program?

    All instruction will be online and there will be no in-person instruction or activities. If you are interested in in-person instruction or activities stay with the current Cambrian reopening plan with distance learning and phasing back to in-person instruction (hybrid schedule). You do not need to sign up for VSP if you want live in-person instruction when the district deems it safe and appropriate to transition to in-person learning.

    The VSP will look different than the distance learning model for our students. 

    What courses will be taught at the middle school level? What will elementary instruction look like?

    Middle school teachers will provide lessons in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies through a combination of direct online instruction and recorded lessons. If a middle school student is registered for accelerated math we are able to provide an online program.

    Elementary school virtual teachers will primarily focus on English Language Arts and Mathematics.

    Who will our Cambrian virtual teacher be and when will we find out our child’s teacher?

    Students will be clustered by grade level or grade levels. Students will come from any of our Cambrian schools and be assigned a Cambrian School teacher. The Cambrian teacher will be assigned from any of our Cambrian Schools and class placements will be sent to families on August 17th.