• Zoom Video Conferencing

    Zoom logo  Your child's teacher has access to the Zoom video conferencing tool to hold class meetings in a distance learning setting.  Be sure to review these Video Conferencing Guidelines for Students with your child.

    Zoom Instructions for Students and Parents

    Before you ZOOM

    • You will need your computer, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.
    • You will receive a link from your teacher by email or posted in their Google Classroom.

    To Join a ZOOM

    • Join the meeting by clicking on a ZOOM link provided by your teacher.
    • Follow the prompts to download (one time only) and run ZOOM. 
      • If you borrowed an iPad or Chromebook from CSD, the Zoom app is already installed and will start automatically when your child clicks on a link for a Zoom meeting.
    • Click to join the video conference.  Your child DOES NOT need to login.

    ZOOM Controls

    Using the icons along the bottom of the screen you can:

    • Mute/Unmute your microphone – your teacher may ask you to mute your  microphone or mute your microphone for you during a lesson to limit background noise. 
    • View participant list - this opens a list of all the students logged into the classroom. This is also an option to ‘raise your hand.’ If you click to raise your hand, it will notify your teacher so they can talk to you.

    Troubleshooting ZOOM

    • If the Zoom app does not start for you/your child, please close any existing Zoom windows and try again.  You can also enter the Zoom meeting by clicking on Join from the Browser.  More information about launching the Zoom app is here.
    • Updating your child’s name on Zoom:

      1. Start the Zoom application.  
        Zoom logo

      2. If you are logged into a personal account, log out (your child does not need to login to Zoom!). Click on your user icon in the top right hand corner to sign out. 

      3. If you are on the Sign In page, click Back in the lower left corner. 

        Sign in Back
      4. Select Join a Meeting

        Join Meeting
      5. Enter your name and check Remember my name for future meetings.
          Change Name on Zoom