• Home and school club


    Our overall success at building a strong Steindorf community and our fundraising efforts hinges upon the involvement of our families.  There are many ways you can help us succeed:

    Volunteer To Help Out:  We are always looking for people to help us coordinate, plan, organize, and run our different events, activities etc.  We have a variety of events we organize that we need help with.  Click here for a list of coordinators for this year's events/activities and their contact information - don't hesitate to reach out. If you are interested in getting involved at Steindorf but aren't sure how to best apply your interests/skills or you have an idea of another way to help out don't hesitate to contact steindorf.president@gmail.com 

    Support Our Fundraisers:  The money raised will allow the HSC to fund the events, programs, and activities outlined in the 2020/2021 plan (aka the HSC budget) and approved by the parent membership. In fact, if you look at the budget over 90% of the money goes directly to classroom and school support . Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes and we offer a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the year (investment campaign, family dinner nights out at a local restaurant, product sales, parent night out auction, stampede-a-thon and more) in an effort to ensure that each family is able to participate in fundraising in a manner that works best for them. It is not expected that each and every family participate in each and every fundraiser….rather participate however and whenever you can.