• CSD English Learner Program

    The goal of the English Learner Program in the Cambrian School District is to support English Learner (EL) students to rapidly develop grade-level English language proficiency by providing expert methodologies, research-based curriculum, and additional instructional time to practice these new skills.

    We strive to help students:

    • Develop fluency in English.
    • Cultivate a positive sense of self-worth.
    • Understand and respect other cultures.
    • Achieve equal access to the core academic curriculum.
  • CSD Community Parent Language Network Opportunity

    Cambrian School District would like to provide families the opportunity to connect with other families in the Cambrian School District community who share a common primary language other than English. Please fill out this brief survey to assist us in creating Cambrian School Community Language Network.
    Forming a network means that you decide to come together as a group of people with a common primary home language and many diverse skills, talents, and interests who are united by a common interest — improving your children’s education. It also means that you find ways to stay in touch, support each other, and partner with our schools and district to help improve our programs and services for English learners.

    If you are interested in creating, joining, or learning more about the CSD School Community Parent Language Network, please complete the survey below.  CLICK HERE to complete the survey.  Stay tuned for more information to come at a later date!

  • Annual English Learner Parent Information Night - November 17, 2021

    CLICK HERE to view the EL Parent Information Night Presentation if you were not able to attend.  

  • CSD English Learner Parent Connection Newsletter

    Hello and welcome to our Newsletter for Parents of English Learners. In this newsletter, you will find information regarding different topics that are informative and educational for our Cambrian School District English Learners and their families.


  • California English Learner Roadmap

  • CSD Board Policy 6174 Education for English Learners

  • Identification of English Learners

  • English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC)

  • Program Placement and Goals for English Learners

  • English Learner Grade Placement and Retention

  • English Language Development Standards

  • English Language Development Continuum

  • Reclassification to English Proficient

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Parents Declining Services or Requesting a Waiver

  • English Learners with Special Needs

  • English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC/DELAC)

  • Additional Parents'/Guardians' Resources

  • Distance Learning Resources for English Learners